*      Cabinet dimensions 

Height: 42U (187 cm)

Wide:    19”   (60 cm)

Deep:        80 cm

*      Test method

The cards will be tested in 50oC for a

 Period of 24 hours (Programmable).

*      Cabinet characteristics 

1.The cabinet has two doors (one in the front and one in the rear).

2.Each door has a handle for easy use.

3.      The interior of the cabinet have thermally isolated in all sides (include the doors).

4.The cabinet has four wells for easy movement.

5.      There heating system that able to hit the internal of the cabinet up 70oC.

6.   The heating system is safely protected.

7.      The air circulation system creates a uniform temperature environment.

8.      For safety reasons, there is a secondary temperature controller that  set to 15oC above the cabinet temperature.

9.      There is safety switch on the two doors. When a door will be opened the heater, FAN and any high voltage power source, inside the cabinet, is turned off.

10.  There are two big indicator lamps, on the cabinet top, that indicates cabinet status (in test, heaters are on)

11.  There is a control and power box, attached to the cabinet .on the right side.

12.  Fire extinguisher is installed in the cabinet. It is independent actuation control and not need any power source

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