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The pace of innovation, including breakthroughs in JTAG boundary scan (IEEE 1149.1) technology, has accelerated in recent years. (The IEEE 1149.1 standard for boundary scan test and programming operations is often referred to as JTAG for the Joint Test Action Group, the body that developed the first draft of the standard.)


 Because of the fast pace of innovation, electronic engineers now design more functionality into less space. But smaller components and new methods for soldering components to circuit boards have decreased the physical access engineers once had to devices, boards and systems. With less physical access, certain types of tests and in-system or on-board programming became more difficult, costly and time-consuming.


ASSETs ScanWorks JTAG test (IEEE 1149.1) system helps solve these problems. Our people helped develop the IEEE 1149.1 boundary scan standard in 1985 and have played key roles in the subsequent evolution of the IEEE 1149.1 JTAG specification. As our business has grown, we have developed strong relationships with many highly satisfied customers. To learn how some of our customers use our JTAG technology, click here.

We are committed to helping design and test engineers improve the quality of their systems by solving limited access problems through the use of JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) technology.







Our company began as a business unit of Texas Instruments, Inc., dedicated to the development of IEEE 1149.1 tools. In 1995, the team that had designed, developed and marketed the ASSET system for the previous six years founded ASSET InterTech, Inc., acquiring TIs ASSET product family of JTAG tools and its related business.







We at ASSET are committed to evolving the boundary-scan standard and increasing customer satisfaction with the ScanWorks JTAG system. One of the ways we will do this is by expanding our strategic relationships to offer customers continually broader end-to-end solutions. An outside Board of Directors, composed of experts who have grown profitable high-tech companies, guides us in these efforts.




ScanWorks® JTAG Solutions for Boundary Scan Technology, test debugging and in-system programming



ScanWorks: A JTAG test and programming environment for a products entire life cycle

Much more than a collection of tools, ASSETs ScanWorks system is a cohesive environment that delivers powerful JTAG test, on-board JTAG programming and logic configuration using IEEE 1149.1 / JTAG / boundary-scan technology. Tests and JTAG programming algorithms developed with the ScanWorks IEEE 1149.1 system are exceedingly portable and can be migrated through every phase of a products life cycle, beginning with design and development, continuing into manufacturing, and culminating in field support and repair. As a result, the cost and time savings that OEMs and contract manufacturers derive from re-using boundary scan test and JTAG programming operations are considerable.

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