About Firecron


Firecron LTD is a world leader in the design and development of IEEE1149.1 infrastructure products, providing "Design For Test” D.F.T solutions for the communications, military and Industrial systems markets. Over the last Five year Firecron has consistently developed world class products in it’s Gateway, controller and sequencers products. Underlined by a “Blue chip” customer base which would be the envy on most semiconductor companies.



Firecron produce a range of Gateways, Controller and Sequencer products, which allow our Market leading OEM partners to develop highly integrated IEEE1149.1 test strategies, both at the board and system level. Our customers have benefited from an Integrated test strategy where all factory designed tests can be used in Design, Manufacturing and in the field.  


In fact it has been proven by several O.E.M customer that adopting an integrated Firecron test solution saves money and significantly reduces the “No Fault found” dilemma in the field. 


The integration of Firecron products enables them to reap the benefits of reduced Flash programming / Interconnect test time, higher fault coverage, system diagnostics both in the factory and in the field. Our solutions have also been proven in embedded application where the system can effectively diagnose it’s self.


              “The Firecron solutions have been proven to save significant cost throughout  The life-cycle of our products” O.E.M partner June 2003"



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